Sunday, 17 August 2014

Big Cadbury Heath Boost for Cribbs

Hopperational details
Date & Venue
Saturday 16 August 2014 at Springfield
Cadbury Heath 3 Cribbs 4
FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round
Ground 540 on the lifetime list, chosen randomly from a selection of 36 by the roll of a 3 and a 4 on red and blue dice respectively.
Pre-match preparation
Step 5 plays Step 6 in this tie between two teams from different divisions in the Western League. Both have played two league games – Cadbury Heath have a win and a loss, Cribbs have a win and a draw, This is the first-ever FA Cup tie in the history of the visitors.
This match in one sentence
A superb and sometimes angry spectacle for the passing neutral as the upstarts of Step 6 dumped their higher-ranked neighbours out of the competition by taking a higher proportion of their chances.
So what?
Cribbs travel the short journey to Mangotsfield United of Step 4 in the next round.
The drama unfolds
The M25 did its best to scupper my plans but thankfully I made it to the ground in time to get a programme and a pasty.  Pasties are compulsory in all matches west of Swindon in my world.  The game started in blustery conditions with Cadbury Heath playing downhill and with the dubious advantage of the wind behind them.

Cribb took the lead after a move from the left allowed Jack Kinnerly space to prod the ball past the keeper who came out to try to narrow the angle.  0-1 after 15 minutes

The mood got even worse after an incident that I was not in a good position to see.  Initially I did not realise that two players had been sent off, one from each side.  I asked a few other spectators from both sides and there was no consensus other than the ref got it wrong.  He’ll be used to that, they can rarely win.  As far as I could glean, there was physical confrontation instigated by Cribbs’ Dominic Graffagnino and responded to by Cadbury’s Jack Camm, but I’d better insert an “allegedly” disclaimer here because a dugout was in my direct line of sight at the key moment.  There were a lot of angry people on and around the pitch, although a group  Cribbs’ supporters with a megaphone did their best to inject some humour with some traditional lino-baiting (which the official took in good part, it has to be said).
I was, however, in a great position to film the equaliser, a deft finish by Darren Edwards.  Cadbury Heath are in red.  1-1 after 28 minutes

Cribbs were undaunted and took the lead again after a fumble by home keeper Sam Brown from a cross/shot from Kinnerly.  From the other end I could not be sure who eventually poked the ball over the line.  1-2 after 32 minutes

Cadbury equalised a second time, this time from the penalty spot.  A wild tackle gave Huxley the chance to smash home the kick.  2-2 after 37 minutes and at half-time
The second half started with the Cribbs keeper Matt Turner falling heavily and needing treatment.  He then nearly scored – the strong breeze put him within shooting distance and a clearance was tipped over on the first bounce by his opposite number.  Here’s the second clip which shows how a low Cribbs corner hit the near post and captures a bit more of the ground.  The rooflines give an idea of the slope and the soundtrack is wind-affected.

The final clip is a perfectly-executed freekick by the impressive Jordan Yeo that gave the visitors the lead once again.  2-3 after 58 minutes

Cribbs got a two-goal cushion with a superbly-worked goal.  Dave Gilroy had been a tireless target man up front and Yeo played a classic one-two with him before the latter’s cross from the right became a tap-in for James Seeley.  2-4 after 74 minutes

Cadbury had to press forward and Cribbs looked dangerous on the break and sub Craig Burchill clipped the post.  However, Cadbury got back in the game with a second goal from Darren Edwards and we were set for a thrilling finish once Cribbs’ Josh Bennett had been stretchered off.  He’d been hurt trying to block the shot.  3-4 after 81 minutes

Even though there were ten minutes of stoppage time, Cribbs were able to hold out for the win.  There were times they tried for a fifth rather than run the ball into the corners, and respect for that.  Cadbury Heath will be understandably disappointed with this performance and result, but on balance the visitors deserved this.  That’s twelve FA Cup goals and two giant-killings for me so far – maybe clubs would like to pay me to stay away next week ;)  Final score 3-4

Ground Pix

Lovers of  clubhouses, you are gonna love this one, which is loved and cared-for

Match Pix

Something You Don’t Get in the Premier League
The chance as a visiting defender to clear the ball on to the roof of an adjacent house.  Especially now that Fulham have been relegated.
Goalkeeper Top Colour Stats
The maroon of Cribbs beats the lime green of Cadbury Heath.  Updated league table of colours to follow next week.
Soapbox Section
I saw so much brainless and selfish driving on the M25 anticlockwise western section on the way to this game.  The culture of our motorways during congestion is all wrong these days.  Too many drivers have a competitive mindset which is fine for the racetrack but inappropriate for the motorway.  Driving needs to be more of a collaborative venture, a team effort that ensures we all make it to our destination.  In particular, “undertaking” at speed is one of the worst and most irresponsible things that you can do.  Last year, on the way to a game, I was caught up through no fault of my own in a multi-vehicle shunt on the M4 west (click on my Larkhall Athletic post in the tag cloud for the detail!).  Undertaking-at-speed by selfish drivers was a key factor in causing that accident – fortunately no human being was seriously hurt among all of the twisted metal.  Unless you have studied a lot of physics, or been in one of these yourself, you won’t have a grasp of the forces, energy and momentum considerations and frankly, your modern car is probably making you feel rather too safe.  Rant over, and thank you for “listening”.
What Next?
If I can face the M25 again, Holyport v Abingdon United on Sunday lunchtime!  Otherwise, I will be scanning the midweek replays.

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