Monday, 11 April 2011

Swanning About at 07 Vestur

Hopperational details
Date & Venue:  Sunday 10 April at the Sørvágur Stadium
Result:  07 Vestur 0 B36 Tórshavn 3
Competition:  Meistaradeildin
Hopping: Second game of the tour

Pre-match entertainment
When the morning mists had cleared, I drove back to the western island of Vágar but continued beyond the airport.  The end of the road is now at a remote village called Gásadalur and there was time enough for a short walk up to the cliff tops and to have my trouser leg chewed up by a local dog.  The road tunnel was only built in 2003 - before then the postal service came on foot over a mountain pass and a helicopter dropped in from time to time.  I had time to drop in to the village of Bøur on the way back to Sørvágur.
Faroese Dog Tactics - 1. Start off by being friendly to visitors...
... then 2. Bite them when they least expect it!

The remote village of Gásadalur

An example of a traditional roofing method in Bøur
This match in one sentence
A lesson in finishing for the newly-promoted hosts who got back in the game after a nightmare start but could not keep the result in doubt beyond the hour mark.

So what?
Other games today were B71 0 KÍ 6 and NSÍ 2 HB 1 so B36 will occupy a notional second place in the league with one more match to come in the first round tomorrow.

The drama unfolds 
Newly-promoted 07 Vestur made a terrible start to their new season in the top tier of Faroese football.  Heini í Skorini capped a flowing move for the opening goal.  0-1

To their credit, they fought back.  After 19 minutes they were nearly level as the B36 full-back cleared off the line following a corner.  There were appeals for handball which were dismissed by the ref.  However, B36 hit the woodwork themselves with a shot by Klaemint Matras before a great piece of skill by 07V’s Tamba Yarjah set up another half-chance for an equaliser.  He got injured in the process and didn’t make the second half.  Meanwhile, home ‘keeper Hans Jørgensen made a sharp save to prevent a second goal and the whistle went with 07 Vestur on the attack.  The following scene-setting clip is from midway through the first half.  0-1 at half-time

07 Vestur started the second half well and yet another chance was thwarted by a timely defensive intervention - this time by the goalscorer Scorini.  All this good intent came to nothing after 60 minutes when Simun Joensen popped up from defence to score a scruffy near-post goal from a corner.  0-2

Deflation was evident and #9 Clayton Nascimento resorted to some old-school theatrical rolling-around-in-agony-before-miraculous-recovery.  The rain then started after 67 minutes, and Nascimento really should have equalised after 73.  B36 ‘keeper Meihnard Joenson did well to block.

The lesson in finishing was completed two minutes later as Róaldur Jacobsen smashed in a swerving shot from about 20 metres.  0-3

07 really ought to have had at least a consolation goal, and they created chances right up till the 89th minute.  The other two short clips show two of them.  B36 held on for the clean sheet and sent the drummers home happy.  They will feel this was a comfortable win. Result 0-3

What I learned today
B36 are known as the White Tigers, which is a helpful clue for those of you watching the clips in colour.

Learn Faroese through football
Sunnudagur  Sunday
1.umfar First round (of matches)
Dómari referee
Andøvsgul  moderate breeze

What Next?
The last game of the 1.umfar is at Toftir on Monday evening, where B68 take on ÍF.  In a future post I now think that I will have something to say about artificial surfaces and I will also take a look at the nationalities of the players in this league.  And buy a new pair of trousers.  Thanks for your interest!

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