Monday, 18 April 2011

Random Transport of Delight

A Moment of Randomness in the Faroe Islands

There are three youth team fixtures this evening at grounds I have not yet visited.  There hasn't really been a choice for my itinerary so far, so it seems only right and proper to go back to random basics.

Roll camera one.

They are playing their counterparts from EB/Streymur.

UPDATE 8.00pm

Well, if they are playing their counterparts from EB/Streymur, it's not on this pitch ...

It looks as if renovation is under way at MB!  Under the circumstances I did what any sensible groundhopper would do.  I made my way to a supermarket and bought chocolate for comfort eating.  Tomorrow is known to be a footy-free day, so I hope you will join me again after NSÍ's game against B68 opens the third round of premier league fixtures on Wednesday.

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