Thursday, 7 April 2011

Normal Service WIll Be Resumed As Soon As Possible

Greetings to readers, whether regular or random.

Apologies for the relative calm of this blog in the last few days.  An attempted hop to Bradwell St Peter was thwarted by a mixture of sheer incompetence and roadworks in Dunstable last Saturday.  You'd have thought that I'd know about checking kick-off times by now, and arriving at the ground for the start of the second half presented me with only one option under my strict and idiosyncratic hopping rules.  I drove off into the sunset, one day to return.

The other reason is more routine - I've been chalking up the overtime hours at work meaning that my midweek hopping has been curtailed.

However, on Northern League Day (9 April) I will be heading to a northern league.  I touch down in Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands, just after lunch.  It's the start of the new regular league season.

If all goes well with the journey, there might even be a reserve or third team game that afternoon, but I can't promise.  The weather forecast might best be described as "interesting".  However, I currently have a choice of three Faroese Premier League fixtures on Sunday, and I am hoping to get to nine or ten venues in all over the two weeks up to Easter.  I reckon that I will see football played with enthusiasm in a good spirit at some small but beautiful venues, probably all on artificial surfaces because of the climate.

Getting reliable information about fixtures and kickoff times has been tricky, so I will resist the temptation to publish a provisional schedule as I am certain it will change.  I may also get distracted by other random things, as is my wont.  Such as puffins.  Watch this space, and thank you for following.


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  1. One of the many places I've always wanted to visit. Looking forward to reading your reports.
    Good luck.