Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Second Half of a Decision for Non-League Day 2013

We will only need this bit if Peter Odemwingie parts company with WBA in the next day or so! 

See the flow chart on the previous post - this event would send me to an FA Vase tie, and I have exactly 108 to choose from at new, unvisited grounds.

108 is 3x36 so this is easy to make into a proper random decision using a Toblerone box (which is a triangular prism has three long faces) and two standard cubic dice, of different colours for convenience.  If the Toblerone box faces are numbered 1-3, it is the face that the box lands on face down when thrown which is the selected number.  The three tables show how it will work - each tie has a unique combination of Toblerone - die 1 - die 2 outcomes because 3 x 6 x 6 =108.  A Mars Bar is useless for this purpose, another reason to eat them straight away.

See you after the transfer window closes!  If this page turns out to be redundant because Odemwingie is still a Baggie, then I will be going either to Whitby, Merstham or Bideford, as explained in the earlier post.  It's randomish.

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