Monday, 27 October 2014

Gero the Hero as Öster are a Match for Jönköpings

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Hopperational details
Date & Venue
Monday 27 October 2014 at Stadsparksvallen
Jönköpings Södra 3 Oster 3
Superettan (Swedish 2nd tier)
554 on the lifetime list, chosen for logistic reasons and the last game of this trip.  You have to know a little of the town's history to locate the hidden wordplay somewhere in this post.
Pre-match preparation
The significance of this game might depend on results earlier in the weekend.  The home side (at the time of writing, before I left the UK) have a mathematical chance of a promotion playoff place but this will only be alive if Ljungskile lost on Friday evening. It looks like they will finish a noble but frustrated fourth in the table.  Oster, however, really do need the points.  They slipped into a relegation play-off place last week.  Their fans will be looking out for the result from Angelholm.  Two points separate them with one more game after today, so if Angelholm win and Oster lose, then the relegation playoff for the latter is confirmed.  It’s quite likely that nothing will be settled tonight – but a draw will probably not be enough for the visitors.

Update: Ljungskile drew last Friday so Jönköpings knew that promotion was out of the question now.   Öster start the evening two points behind  Ängelholm - one of these two will take the final relegation playoff place, and the latter are also playing simultaneously.

The rest of my pre-match prep was a leisurely drive through quiet towns and villages en route from Borås.

No, I did NOT eat the flowers ...

Ladies and gentlemen, a BLACK squirrel. Honest.
This match in one sentence
The home side dominated the first half of this wind-affected game, but a glut of late goals left the match all square and no good for anyone except the passing neutrals.
So what?
Jönköpings will finish 4th whatever happens next week.  GIF Sundsvall won this evening and take control of the title into their own hands (see my post from GAIS).  Öster need to win and hope that one from GAIS, Syrianska or Ängelholm lose.  Plenty of interest in the Superettan yet!
The drama unfolds
The drama started when Doris the Satnav took me in the opposite direction to the floodlights on the hill, but eventually I found a parking spot more by luck than anything, and even had time for a pre-match sausage with the temperature of a medium-sized star.  Öster's faithful had brought a few pyrotechnics, but must be on a low budget and we started on time.

On the pitch, Jönköpings took control from the start.  They are in green in the scene-setter clip

They had to wait until almost midway through the half to take the lead.  The goal has been credited to Fredrik Olsson.  It was a curling low cross-shot hit right-footed from the left wing and he must have got the faintest of touches.  Öster had lost the ball in a dangerous area allowing it to be played wide.  1-0 after 20 mins

Olsson hit the bar on the half hour, unluckily.   The home side were well on top and enjoying playing with the wind behind them.  Tommy Thelin was very influential either in "the hole" or out wide on the left.  Here's another clip of a set piece.

Thelin and Jesper Svensson were picked out making intelligent runs on to good passes but Öster got to the break with no further damage, and I moved over to the other side of the ground.  1-0 at half time

Öster came out fighting after the break and took a few minutes to adjust to the worsening conditions.  I took a couple of early clips.

They came close just after the hour, but then Thelin opened up a two-goal lead from the penalty spot after someone was scythed down.  2-0 after 65 mins

Mario Vasilj has been credited with the opening Öster goal, which followed almost immediately and was an untidy bundling in at the far post.  2-1 after 67 mins

Jönköpings then hit the woodwork again before Öster were level.  A through ball found Alhadji Gero who kept his composure and gave the keeper no chance.  2-2 after 70 mins

Jönköpings came close again before Öster sub Freddy Söderberg had an excellent chance on the break to complete the turnround with only 12 minutes left.  He rolled the ball past the keeper but clipped the post.  So it must have hurt when Daryl Smilieand Thelin combined to set up sub Ronny Sabo for the best goal of the evening.  3-2 after 80 mins

My final clip captures the sixth goal of the night to make things all square.  It's Gero's second, from Öster's third corner in quick succession.  I wonder if it will be enough to keep them in the second tier - all will be decided next weekend.  3-3 after 88 mins and at full-time

... and that is that for  the footballing side of this trip, with just a day of touring tomorrow before the plane home.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this trip to a very friendly and hospitable nation and I would recommend it to anyone.
Ground Pix

Match Pix

Something You Don’t Get in the Premier League
Four games in one weekend for a combined entrance fee of £60.
Goalkeeper Top Colour Stats
Grey draws with Black - I think that is the first black top of the season, which will mess up my spreadsheet.  Oh well, insert row etc etc.

Learn Swedish Through Football

ståplats - standing (places)
sittplats - seating (places)
kortsida - short side (i.e. behind the goal)
långsida - long side
Måndag - Monday
tre - tre - 3-3
What Next?
Back to the UK tomorrow after a day of tourism, and then who knows.  A mountain of school work beckons, but watch @GrahamYapp on Twitter for details – maybe time on Saturday for number 555.

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