Saturday, 21 July 2012

3-2-1 Go!

Last week, Peter Ebdon's eleven minutes of inactivity in Melbourne, Australia led to a list of 148 FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round ties being narrowed down to three, but not all equally likely.

I need a way of deciding that gives weightings of 3 : 2 : 1 to the ties at Sleaford Town, AFC Blackpool and Plymouth Parkway.  Well, since I probably spend too much time on Twitter, a method that involves Twitter and time is appropriate.

3-2-1 ... action!

In other groundhopping news, I have decided that I will try to raise money this year for research at Moorfields Eye Hospital along the way.  Not sure yet how this will work, it's something for me to think about in the next month or so.  Why?  Well, it adds an element of positivity and constructivity to the hobby, as if programmes and rucksacks weren't enough.  Two family members have already received life-changing treatment there, and it is a place that deserves support.

I am hoping that lots of people will donate small amounts so that we can create a larger one by the end of the season.  Please look out for ways to contribute!

My target will be a minimum of 50 games in the season, and a maximum of 100, most likely to be in the region of 60, with more at the beginning and ends of the season to coincide with school holidays and better travelling conditions.

My opening personal pledge is a donation of 50p per goal scored ... and here's how you can take part.  Send me a message on Twitter (@GrahamYapp) or by email to headyapp(at)  You could choose anything along these lines ...

Reason …

For each goal scored (current average is something like 3-4 per game)

For each goal recorded on a vid clip

For each 0-0 draw suffered

For each “new ground” visited

For each red card witnessed

For each penalty kick (missed or scored)

For anything else that you can think of that won’t get me arrested

I'll worry about the mechanics of collecting the money, and Gift Aid, later.  There might even be other random developments along the way.  All I'd need to know to start with is your pledge (and whether you would prefer to be anonymous).  Coughing-up time would be at the end of the 2012-13 regular season.  Sponsoring me for a penny a goal will still cost you less than a pint (even at non-league prices) at the end of the season.  The plan is to have lots of people donating just a little.  Please tell your friends too.

Thank you in advance for your support.  Here's to the new season!

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