Saturday, 19 November 2011

Normal Service Will Be Resumed as Soon as Possible

Having been fighting off a viral infection this week, it wouldn't be safe for me to get behind the wheel today for a hop, so discretion takes the better part of valour.

Here's what is happening or imminent:

The Faroe Podcast very kindly thought that my experiences last Easter in the Faroe Islands were worth an interview, and here's the link....

Those two weeks were a highlight of my life, let alone my groundhopping, and the day-by-day story can be tracked starting from the concluding post here ...

... or in chronological order starting with the visit to EB Streymur here ...

I also offered my FB friends a chance to tell me where to go (so to speak) and my hop today would have been to watch Willesden Constantine in the Middlesex League.  This is the choice of Rob Summerfield, who has some ancestral links to the area, and hopefully I will be well enough to pick up this particular thread next week!  (She also plays a mean game of Words with Friends, as I am finding out to my cost at the moment!)

This week's modushopperrandom post is brought to you through the magic of paracetamol.

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