Saturday, 4 December 2010

Nothin' for Hinton in the Anagram Records Trophy

Padbury United often played the ball out from the back - all credit to them for that

Hopperational details
Saturday 4 December 2010 at Holtwhites Sports and Social Club, EnfieldHinton 0 Padbury United 4 – two step 7 clubs meeting in Round 1 of the Anagram Records Trophy.  Hinton are currently 2nd in the Hertfordshire Senior County League and Padbury United are top of South Midlands League Division 2 with an unbeaten league record.
This match in one sentence
Padbury United achieved a comfortable win, even adding two goals after they had been reduced to ten men by a red card.
So what?
Padbury United are away to Tring Corinthians in Round 2.  The full draw has already been made for this competition (no celebrities were involved) and they will be away at either Lemsford or Sandridge Rovers if they make it through to Round 3 (the quarter-final).
Who caught the eye on the pitch?
A happy debutant
Padbury United’s Michael Mackenzie had a goal and two assists on his debut.  Thanks to their goalie’s dad for the name information!  Mackenzie is one of those strikers who is best when facing the opposition goal with the ball at his feet or racing with considerable pace on to a through ball.  Early on the Hinton keeper was booked for bringing him down outside the area – fortunately the ref decided that it was not a clear goalscoring opportunity.  Soon after he put in a dangerous low cross from the right that was turned in for the opening goal.  Padbury relaxed after a penalty had made it 2-0 and Mackenzie and his strike partners enjoyed the open spaces as Hinton were forced to adjust and send men forward.  Even after a red card had lost them a defender, he took a goal well, and then put one on a proverbial plate for a substitute.  The final score was slightly flattering perhaps, but the right team won.

The penalty early in the second half made the result safe enough
Celebrations after the third goal, scored by Mackenzie
This match had the same effect on my pulse rate as …
First half: the anticipation of a chilled glass of Chablis to accompany chicken breast in a cream sauce on a bed of wild rice.
Second half: the arrival of a mug of dandelion and burdock with a bag of pork scratchings.
What I learned today
This competition is also known as the Capital Counties Feeder League Trophy, open to clubs in the London area that are not taking part in the FA Vase.  Anagram Records is a part of Cherry Red (who sponsor the step 5 Combined Counties League) and their website states that they have the “world’s largest collection of punk, psychobilly and goth records”.  Their A-Z of artists includes Alien Sex Fiend, Extreme Noise Terror, Peter and the Test Tube Babies and the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra.  Well, that’s my Christmas shopping sorted.
Modus Hopper Random Talking Point
The football week was dominated by the news from Zurich about the 2018 and 2022 World Cup venues.  The decisions are unlikely to result in a greater emphasis on the national team for our current young players.  There is no doubt that the decision-making process is peculiarly susceptible to politics and hidden dramas.  Whether it is any more corrupt than many of the other choice processes in this country is open to debate.  It is not a decision that is based on technical merit or national status – we knew that.  FIFA is an institution with more in common with benign autocracy than with transparency and accountability.  The most surprising thing, with hindsight, is that England ever believed that it could win.  The second most surprising thing is that so many people here believe that they have the right to host a World Cup more than once in their lifetimes.  The most disappointing thing, for me at least, is that over half of the instant reactions that I observed on Twitter were simply crude and abusive.  It’s the same thing that happens to refs and linos every day when they make a decision in favour of the other side.  Call me old-fashioned – fine by me – but be aware that I do have some Danish Gothabilly on my iPod.
What Next?
I would imagine that fixtures will be in doubt again but I hope to find a local hop on Tuesday evening.


  1. You're having much better luck finding a game than I am. Starting to get withdrawal syptoms.

  2. That was an obscure one for sure ... only came across it at the last minute and had almost given up. Tonight is looking tricky too!