Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Maillard Reaction in Decision-Making

I am constrained to be local this evening after a full day of sorting out a pile of football programmes. (Sad but true, but in order to appreciate the full beauty and achievement of Ron Atkinson's 1978-9 season at West Brom they need to be in chronological order.)  Therefore, the two nearest new-ground games in the Step 5 Spartan South Midlands League will go against each other in three minutes of combustible action!  Whichever one is selected will go onto my lifetime list as ground #333.  I know, because I double-checked that list as well today.  Enjoy!

A 6-ethanoyl tetrahydridopyridine molecule of the type found in that lovely toasty smell

By the way, thank you to various correspondents for some nice ideas for the match selection process.  I'll do my best to try some of them out over the course of a season.

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