Thursday, 23 September 2010

Fun in the Fens

Hopperational details
Wednesday 22 September 2010, Chatteris Town 1  Eaton Socon 1 in the Step 7 Cambridgeshire County League.  I was here rather than at Littleport because of the toss of a coin (see previous post). 
This match in one sentence
The lower-placed visitors took the lead in the 65th minute and it took a penalty to give the home side a hard-earned point.
So what?
Chatteris Town stay in 5th place, and Eaton Socon climb two to 13th.
Who caught the eye on the pitch?
Adam Randall (Eaton Socon) did more than most to earn this point.  On several occasions the central defender got his body between the ball and the goal in an impressive series of last-ditch blocks and tackles.  On one occasion he discreetly implored his goalkeeper to take his time over a goal-kick, to give him a few extra seconds of recovery.  I have no idea what he does for a living, but I bet he aches this morning.
This match had the same effect on my pulse rate as …
… a B&Q catalogue of nearly-white finishes for home decorating projects.
A snippet from the programme
No programme for this fixture.
What I learned today
The agricultural qualities of the Fenlands have led to Chatteris becoming a major centre for onion production and distribution.  One local company claims to have the only optical onion sorting machine in the UK.  I have just spent an intriguing hour researching these machines.  Apparently, to quote from one manufacturer’s website, “whatever the application there is a sorter which gives you the control to grade on size, shape, colour, defect, damage, blemish and importantly protect against Foreign Objects in the product stream.”  Well, I never.  It is this kind of random learning that enriches my life and makes groundhopping so inspirational.  I will never look at a root vegetable in the same way again.  That’s shallot for today.

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